What is a Man of Resolution?



Men of Resolution are game changers. They make a bold declaration stating that they are choosing to live for what matters most. They express who they desire to be as a man and are alerted to their priceless influence on the next generation. They are willing to invest in biblical manhood through small groups of men in Christian community. It is here that spiritual, relational and moral transformation is facilitated in an environment of respect, love and encouragement. This development leads to strength as a leader and disciple of Jesus Christ. You are then ready to deploy in His service as a spiritual leader and mentor to those in your sphere of influence.

Being the spiritual leaders of our families . . . mentoring other men . . . fulfilling the Great Commission. This is our passion. Every time we impact the life of another man, we pray that it will launch a process that ideally never ends.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who has affected my life?” Think about the people who have made a difference in your own life. Your father . . . your pastor . . . a teacher. Mentoring others is a way of life and it requires men to boldly live the life God intended right now and establishing a strong legacy for generations to come. Men of Resolution are resolved to live out their lives as God has intended while radically impacting others and assisting them in becoming strong men who are found faithful.

Mentoring is a biblically legitimate strategy for our generation. There are three compelling reasons you must become involved in a ministry of mentoring.

1. You need to be involved in mentoring because of the severe shortage of leaders. The average church in America is operated by 15 to 20 percent of its membership¹. But God gives to every believer a spiritual gift with which to function in the body, not to spectate in the stands. We need leaders in our homes, too. Where are the men willing to “step up” to the plate and assume the leadership role God has given them in their homes? We need leaders in our society as well. In politics, in business, in industry, in agriculture, in the professions, in the military. The landscape is littered with the bodies of men who have forfeited their right to be leaders because they were not men of integrity.

2. You need to be involved in mentoring because of the recognized need for mentors. There’s a severe deficiency in our culture. The absence of fathers – physically, emotionally and spiritually. The result is that the average boy in our society grows up and doesn’t have a clue what a good father looks like. There is a shortage of older male role models. There is an alarming void of affirming maleness in our society. The Bar mitzvah is the Jewish rite of passage for boys going into manhood, but we have very little in our society that replicates that. If you are a young man you need a mature friend. If you are an older man you need a ministry. Both of those needs can be met by living as a “Man of Resolution.”

3. You need to be involved in mentoring because of the abuses of existing leadership. There is no generation gap in the body of Christ! You cannot drill any man out of the corps regardless of his age. Young people desperately need older people, and older people seriously need younger people who are going to carry on in the next generation. Additionally, retirement is a cultural (not a biblical) concept. You may retire from your company but you never retire from the Christian life and ministry. Some men 50+ are looking to kick back and recline at the very time when they ought to be tearing the place apart for Jesus Christ. That is not the time of life to cave in. It is the time to jump in to the leadership pool in the body of Christ.

“Resolving” means deciding once and for all. Our world needs Men of Resolution who will step up to the challenge and resolve to live today to impact tomorrow.

Where do you stand?

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Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve . . . but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Joshua 24:15

¹ The Barna Group, Ventura, California, 2011.


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