Live TODAY to Impact TOMORROW!

The most compelling question every Christian man must ask himself is . . . “What am I doing TODAY that will guarantee my impact for Jesus Christ TOMORROW?”

It’s time to step up and be a part of a rising movement of men who are fed up with being passive and are disgusted with the lack of morality in our culture. Men who set a course toward long-term success – the kind that breaks the chains of the past, earns the loving trust and hearts of their families and provides a legacy beyond what their fathers could leave for them. Men who understand that eternity is too long for them to waste the remainder of their lives here on earth. Men who are resolved to live their lives with a “No Regrets” plan of action.

If we understand the New Testament correctly, there are only two things God is going to take off our planet. One is His Word, and the other . . . His people. God intended from the very beginning that we fuse these two together. By applying His Word in our own lives as we engage with others, we can live confidently knowing our impact will remain for generations to come.

History shows us that great men who were found faithful to God in the end, all had one thing in common – they intentionally chose to follow God and His calling. Abraham chose to leave his “comfort zone” and follow God into new and unfamiliar territory. Moses chose to put aside his own feelings of inadequacy and lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Paul chose to put his past behind him and ended up writing nearly half of the New Testament. Stephen chose to stand strong even while facing death square in the eyes. And Joshua chose to put aside his fears and cross over the Jordan and conquered a new land. All chose to impact their world. All left an incredible godly legacy. These men realized that men do not just chance upon living a godly life, and they also understood that passivity only leads to futility. Men, we cannot be passive about what God commands us to do and expect to be found faithful to Him in the end. We must look through spiritual lenses and realize that the decisions we make today directly impact future generations.

God’s Word is calling us to “man up!” To be all that God has intended us to be and do all He has purposed us to do. We can continue to go on failing to learn from past mistakes and failures of previous generations, or we can choose to cross over “the Jordan” and courageously lay down a new foundation of faithfulness to God for generations to come. It’s time to make some serious decisions.

Choose TODAY and engage in a way of life that will radically impact others for generations to come. Live today to impact tomorrow and become . . . a Man of Resolution.


“Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve . . . but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Joshua 24:15


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